Well we are back to work and she's still green as ever, but ever so good.....
I can't really say much about her, we don't do too much, but I can however provide you with a video to show you how she goes........

Video was taken for a potential client so there are lots of conformation shots in there as well.....but hey if you are interested, let me know!

Oh, Mona



Poor Mona has been taking a slight backseat with all of the fuss over my other two sale horses Leo and Arkie. Before Fair Hill and juggling work and riding, she only worked as much as was outlined on here. Since then we have battled with Sandy (although not hard...) and the weather aftermath of less than perfect riding conditions.

I just wanted to check in to any Mona fans and let you know today she will be back in full work and ready to roll!
Her owner at this point just needs to find her a home, any home, so if there is any interest, you can scoop her up cheap. She's a proven brood mare, great to work around and a simple horse to just get on and ride around as I am finding. She doesn't know much about being fancy but certainly is wiling and able to learn if you wish.