Finally, we're getting back to work! 

   Today Ryker had a lunging/long-lining day.  I figured I could get more accomplished from the ground today. He is a still a little high from being stuck in his stall, and the last time I sat on him he was not 100% sound loaded.  It probably sounds funny that I would rather work him on the ground than under saddle, since most racehorses are far better under saddle than on the ground when they're amped, but I have found he is much easier to manipulate and rate from the ground.  Maybe it's my riding, or my inexperience in training, or maybe even my love for a good gallop that creates that, but I'm glad I did ground work!  The ring was a zoo today, and while we do need to get him used to warm up arenas (he hates when horses pass him going in the other direction, and by hates, I mean pins his ears and will try to bite.  It's almost like he's saying, "you're going the wrong way dumbass" which wouldn't surprise me one bit) today was not the day for that.  Today was about being focused, quiet, and relaxed on the ground.  I'd say  he was pretty good, and we got a fair amount accomplished. 
   He is looking as sound as can be, and well... I couldn't wait till tomorrow to sit on him again, so I hopped on bareback! Which after reading the first half of this post probably sounds like a really stupid idea.  Since it wouldn't haven been the first time I've gone flying off of a horse their first time bareback, I was a little cautious. That counts for something right? If it was story time I'd tell you about the big warmblood youngster, that I tried to help a friend with, and ended up enjoying what was probably the shortest bronc ride in history... needless to say, not one of my brightest ideas, and obviously the lesson didn't stick very well... but is isn't story time, and Ryker is just awesome! He couldn't have cared less, we even did a little trot (like 10 steps, but who's counting?!).   So yes, me and the crazy racehorse trotted around in a packed indoor bareback... man those OTTBs, they're just so crazy and hard to work with! ;)

Hopefully there will be photo proof soon. :)


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