1st and 3rd in his two 2' Baby Green Hunter classes, placed 2nd in the hack. He finished the division as reserve champion, and placed 4th in his 2'6" jumper round!
Ryker surpassed any and all of my hopes or expectations for his first show.  He is certainly still very green, but was able to cruise around two Baby Green 2' hunter courses and a hack class like a champ. He was so patient and responsive, but he thought the hunter hack class was beyond boring - definitely not cut out to be a hunter/eq horse!.  He then stepped up to the plate for the 2'6" jumpers, after having some time to chill in his stall.  He was the same horse for every time I tacked him up and rode around through out the day, albeit a little confused (maybe he will make a good 3 day horse!).  It's a wonderful feeling to know that he wants to jump the jumps and has developed enough trust in me to go even if he isn't 100% sure. I'll let the videos do the talking, but on the agenda is more hacking out and more dressage work to get him more responsive laterally off my leg to control those shoulders! Just going and doing stuff is a wonderful tool to figuring out which gaps in training still exist. :)

2' Baby Green Hunter (rounds 1 + 2) 

2'6" Jumpers (with jump off)