That's right! Ryker did his first "ditch" this week.  He was awesome, and by "ditch" I mean a big black plastic trash bag held down by two natural poles in the ring.   That is as close as I can get to jumping at ditch at the moment, but he was game and didn't pause, once he understood that he was simply supposed to jump over it. We've also conquered the "nasty pile of rocks drainage ditch," he doesn't even look at it now.  What a good race horse!   We've also started to jump colorful things and more solidly build fences in the ring (i.e. fully packed flower boxes and gates) in an attempt to test the waters in terms of jumping strange things the first time, without looking at them.  He's been very good, and we're hoping to do the Alfred Open Show if all goes well.  
(Just a reminder, he is still for sale! - He will be available in Alfred until mid May.  After that he will be coming home to Vermont with me for the summer, where I may or may not purchase him depending on how he stacks up against my other personally owned OTTB -- since only 1 competition horse is in the long term budget, he will remain for sale until I make a decision)

On another note, any one out there have any other fun cross country type exercises they work on in the indoor during the winer months? (I have a few, but I typically devote my winters to a let down, easy trot sets, tuning up our dressage, and gymnastic work)


04/19/2012 11:11

Hi Tesla, I wonder where you live in Vermont. I am close to being ready to find my next horse and have been following Pogo and Ryker. That has been lot's of fun. I have gotten interested in having a OTTB because of that. I would have come by to see them but I live in Amherst MA . Vermont would be closer for me. Please let me know.

I'd also like to know more about settling in after the track before riding. Thanks, Megan

04/19/2012 12:49

Hi Megan,
That's awesome! Glad you've enjoyed it! It's awesome that you've gotten interested in OTTBs! That makes me so happy, that was our ultimate goal!
Ryker will be at Triple Combination Farm in Ferrisburgh, VT ( which will probably be close to a 3 1/2 - 4hr drive if I had to guess. I can bring him down to Warren, VT (the only down side would be there is no XC to school, but that should be around a 3hr drive). I will be back May 20th give or take a day. Feel free to contact me directly and we can set something up!

I'm not sure exactly what kind of information you're looking for, its a pretty broad topic, but if you want to send me an email directly I can help to answer any questions you have! Or if you like to read, "Beyond the Track" by Anna Morgan Ford, has a very good section on the basics of transitioning a race horse from the track.

All the best,


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