I'll let the video do the talking, but we've been spending a lot of time working on cantering ground poles.  Here is our first canter "fence".  Although it's more like a pile of poles, the goal is to keep a nice consistent forward rhythm as he figures out were to put his feet and use his body with a rider aboard.  From here we'll start to introduce adjusting the stride to poles and then eventually to jumping real fences.  Our "long term" goal is to school the IHSA course at the end of the month - whether or not we can do it fluidly as a course, or simply by jumping single fences, will depend on a lot of things. The rest of this week is dedicated to flat work (I might even pull out the dressage saddle), with and without poles - working on creating a sharper transition into the canter, learning to be more responsive to the seat and leg (especially, the seat), and improving our half-halt. 

 (Ok, so maybe I did do a lot of the talking... er, typing).


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