This morning was all about taking a few steps back and creating a straight and malleable horse again (the rest of the week will be similar).  Today we only worked in the walk and trot, working on moving both his shoulders and hindquarters around as well as improving on leg yield work at the walk, and simply working on moving forward and straight at the trot. Allowing him to stretch his head and neck down and out, as he starts to use his back.  Its amazing what the addition of hind shoes, and a fresh brain ready to learn can do, his trot work is getting better and better as he learns to bring his back up, his walk has also progressed immensely, and he greets me eagerly in the morning, ready to get to work. Gotta love those smart OTTBs!  Free jumping seems to have renewed his motivation to work, work, work (not that he had ever lost motivation - it is just much more noticeable now!)

Thursday will be make-over day so we can get some new photos to keep track of our progress! 

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