It is with great excitement that I write this post to say, the countdown begins!  Not that I'm and in anyway calm or the countdown hasn't started since the minute we decided on Ryker... or even that I expect a storm - more like a few speed bumps, but its almost time to get to work!  I have it on good authority that Ryker is settling in very well to the off the track life and learning how to be a calm and happy horse - enjoying his turnout and his grain (huge "Thank you" shout-out to Tammy and Hoss! Without them expertly letting down the boys, this process would be much more complicated with finals and winter break in the mix). 

Since I am currently in the very cold state of VT, and way to many hours away to go visit, I can only sit and wonder what Ryker is up to now, and sketch a very broad idea of a re-training plan.  Since I've only met the horse twice, first on the track and second to give him a winter blanket, I only have a very small sense of his personality.  At this point my impression of him is sweet, sensitive and strong.  We'll see how that develops. :)


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