Today was cold and rather uneventful but I wanted to post because it was a good day. All we did today was lunge, but it was a good evaluation of just how far we have come in such a short time. From our first time being led around the arena and NEVER ever wanting a person on the off side, even just standing we were able to walk, trot and CANTER for the first time on a lunge line this morning. 

Pogo has been working very hard so, in my eyes, this was a good way for him to just relax, get exercised and think "hey, life is pretty easy!" I will be the first to admit that there is nothing better than making progress with a horse, and it can be so addicting to say "hey, look what we can do!!" BUT that isn't always what is best for the horse. We all strive for improvement, but even if you just take a step back and go back to an earlier exercise or something simpler you can see just how far you have come and also see an improvement in that exercise in itself.  And today wasn't perfect, there were moments where he was tense at the trot to start (it was SO COLD!! who could blame him) and there was some swapping of the leads at the canter, but we were able to stay on a circle, maintain forward momentum and relax in each gait.

It was great to see an improvement over the last time and also see what I should look for to be improved in the future. Patience, patience, patience is KEY...

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