Well, reading material flies around the barn like wildfire...this week: The Chronicle of the Horse...
Specifically: Feb 6 and 13, 2012, Detecting a Genetic Pattern in the Thoroughbred Event Horse...
Passed along to me by Nancy...

So I am reading it....and it's a lot of what we hear all the time: there is no pattern, every TB basically goes back to Bold Ruler, Native Dancer, blah blah blah... (ok well it's not that boring, I love to be enlightened but for arguments sake...)

Skimming to "everyone has a favorite" 
Skim, skim, skim, any names I recognize?

Oh crap, Two Punch (Pogo's sire in case anyone has forgotten)...let's see what they have to say about this!
Steuart Pittman "The handful I've worked with have been really, really good movers and good jumpers once they know how"  (thought process: ok, I'll take it)

Ashley Adams' four star mount is by him...cool

And here's where everyone out there needs to be interested in purchasing Pogo:
"They have really solid bone, and they have a rhythm you can't get out of them. They're amateur friendly, and tend to be a little bigger and more attractive....they are all mirrors of one another; gray or dark bay and rarely chestnut. They're theamateur dream horse; they'll go out and do whatever you want them to do.."

Well, at least there are worse horses to start out as a sale project....chose a popular stud by accident...
Now to find a buyer!

Remember, his sale ad can be viewed on my website: thundercrestperformancehorses.weebly.com