I just wanted to share with everyone the news that the Jockey Club has officially started the Thoroughbred Incentive Program to improve the likelihood that TB's find great show homes after life on the track. They are allotting a certain amount of money to sponsor TB only divisions that include prize money among other things. They also have a grant set up for horses that aren't necessarily show horses but do participate in other things such as therapeutic riding. Some of the information about this can be found at this website:  http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/65561/tjc-launches-thoroughbred-incentive-program  
They have a link here to the applications so if you are interested in hosting a show with prize money for a TB division, or know of an exceptional OTTB go and apply!!

The RRTP program has also selected it's trainers for their training project. We here at The Thoroughbred Chonicles wish them the best of luck with their OTTB's and are looking forward to reading and hearing about their progress. 

As for me, I am off to set up the stalls for Pogo and Ryker and am anxiously awaiting their arrival later this week!
I recently have been told about a project called the Retired Racehorse Training Project - essentially our independent study on a much larger scale than in little ol' Alfred with two aspiring TB trainers.

Anyway, they are taking three professional trainers and three fresh OTTBs (in the spotlight of a show arena, mind you!) and they get to choose which horse they will take on. A month later, they get to "show" back at the same place what the horse has learned in the month in training. Really cool, and I think people that are not familiar with Thoroughbreds will be very surprised at the progress that is made.

As everyone does, they have a website and a facebook page: http://www.retiredracehorsetraining.org/ and http://www.facebook.com/RetiredRacehorseTrainingProject  definitely check them out, and also feel free to message them! Unlike some pages, groups, rescues, etc. there are REAL people behind the walls of RRTP :)

As for Tesla and me, we are still anxiously awaiting our kids' arrival to the AU barn...come on January, hurry up and get here!!