Before the grooming, clipping, mane pulling....
Another post so soon, I know, but I was not anticipating the arrival of the boys so soon!
Of course, on my day off it's customary to still go to the barn anyway, and that is when I got the news that we would be picking up the horses TODAY! So we hitched up the trailer and went on our way.

Both of the boys loaded like champs and traveled great, but Pogo got a little warm in the trailer so I used this as my excuse to hit the ground running. He immediately surprised me with his willingness - I took him to the main barn which has a garage-type door next to a people door. Generally, we (people) bring the horses there, go through the people door and open the horse door and go through as such. Pogo just followed me in the people door without giving it two thoughts. 

We did some handwalking in the arena with another horse and it went fairly well. It was for sure different for him, but he handled it. So of course I decide to push my luck some and do some grooming - I stuck a bridle on to see how he dealt with that for one, and just to see how comfortable he was with a bit in his mouth. We stood in the wash stall on one tie while he was brushed, fussed over and got our mane pulled. I did some desensitizing with a towel as he was very touchy to quick movements of any sort, and by the end you could throw the towel over his face, over his ears, where ever you wanted. We also attempted clipping but it was about feeding time and a lot was going on so we got the whiskers clipped and called it a day from there. 

Mentally, Pogo is still a two year old but with a good brain. Things are not only new to him because of the environment but new to him period. In some ways this is good, and in others it isn't. He isn't necessarily used to the things a homebred four year old would be BUT he is looking to the person for assurance while a homebred might be wanting to push the limits at this point in their life. I am still optimistic and his future as a children's horse is looking brighter and brighter. 

After today, his racing halter has been put away and "I waited Patiently" is a thing of the past. He is now Pogo, new halter, new home, new life... We will keep you updated!
The "after" shot, mane pulled, clipped and groomed!
Studly looking man, getting a look around at his new home!

01/11/2012 13:46

Well...better hope that "waiting patiently" does not COMPLETELY become a thing of the past!


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