Riding outside is doing Pogo a world of good! Today we had a phenomenally magnificent ride, I could not have been more pleased.

He is understanding the concept of accepting the bit and stretching onto the contact. The outdoor ring has helped immensely as I can push him forward onto the contact without hitting a wall. He is willingly moving out, relaxing his back, swinging through his body and falling into a gorgeous frame. He is even doing this at the canter, which is getting very round, lovely, flowing and even more tempoed and cadenced.

Yesterday we attempted cantering a small fence, which we were successful with but we need to work on polishing it a bit and working to make the canter more adjustable to make it a more successful effort. After today this won't be a problem. I anticipate trying more canter fences tomorrow or later in the week after we can do some more work at the canter. I am very very pleased with the progress we have made in the last week.


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