I recently have been told about a project called the Retired Racehorse Training Project - essentially our independent study on a much larger scale than in little ol' Alfred with two aspiring TB trainers.

Anyway, they are taking three professional trainers and three fresh OTTBs (in the spotlight of a show arena, mind you!) and they get to choose which horse they will take on. A month later, they get to "show" back at the same place what the horse has learned in the month in training. Really cool, and I think people that are not familiar with Thoroughbreds will be very surprised at the progress that is made.

As everyone does, they have a website and a facebook page: http://www.retiredracehorsetraining.org/ and http://www.facebook.com/RetiredRacehorseTrainingProject  definitely check them out, and also feel free to message them! Unlike some pages, groups, rescues, etc. there are REAL people behind the walls of RRTP :)

As for Tesla and me, we are still anxiously awaiting our kids' arrival to the AU barn...come on January, hurry up and get here!!


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