Yesterday we decided that Pogo would leave for his trial period today. So, early this am, I rushed to the barn got him all clean and ready, found his blankets, gathered feed, wrote down some "instructions" (my pogo how-to manual, haha), got all of the paperwork together and loaded him up. The anticipation was honestly killing me seeing where he was going to live....we drove past many cute barns and many dives...that I would describe in my famous saying " I would only board my horse there if I was too poor to pay for euthanisia and couldn't bear to put a bullet in 'em" ...crass I know but those are the only words I can find to describe what some people call "barns" around here....but I digress.....

As we got closer, literally having a panic attack, ( should I have gone? would it have been better not knowing? ) we see some white tape fencing and see the house number and realize this is it...behind the house I see a very quaint, cute barn, and suddenly feel SO relieved! We pulled into the driveway to be greeted by Jen and her two very enormous and ADORABLE mastiff's, and see two small grass pastures, one empty and awaiting Pogo, the other with a cute mare and 4 mini donkeys. It was like a little pony paradise. We unloaded Pogo, and I wasn't sure what to expect, I wasn't there to unload after he long haul from Finger Lakes to Tammy's barn.....He was a gentleman while I fumbled my way through the trailer, turned himself around and like he's been doing so his entire life (which perhaps he has) hopped right off the trailer, looked around, and honestly looked like he was home. He seemed extremely comfortable as he grazed on the nice grass that he hasn't seen in a very long time....

Going back a day in time, I realized it could be my last chance to get a good "after" photo....Here are his conformation shots from beginning to end....

Day 1 at AU, 1/9/12
after some baths and beauty treatment 1/27/12
Our Final Shot...thanks Tesla Parker for the awesome photo....taken 4/9/12

Megan Kerr
04/11/2012 19:51

Congratulations on your work with Pogo. I'm sure you will miss him. He is very cute and talented. I have enjoyed your logs and video and certainly had my eye on him. What a great way to buy a horse with detailed progress reports. I have a new openness to an off track thoroughbred.

04/11/2012 20:38

Thank you Kait for giving us the opportunity to have such a fantastic horse in our family. He is everything you described...a horse with a heart of gold. I feel like our long search is over. We have found our guy. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

04/12/2012 07:20

Megan - thanks so much for sticking with us. I am so glad to hear you have a new openness to OTTBs, of course that was one of our goals and to even have one person have a change of heart about them, makes me very happy :)

Jen - I cannot tell you how excited I am that he is with you guys, you have a wonderful home for him and seems SO happy there! I do miss his silly little face in the barn every day and the barn is awfully quiet at feed time without his battle cry (I'm sure you have heard it by now!!) but I know he is well taken care of and well loved so it's all ok :)


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