Well in the month since my last post, we have had probably a grand total of 6 people come out and try Arkie. He always puts his best foot forward and tries his hardest to do just exactly what the people want, and generally they are happy but no one has bitten the bullet and taken that next step of deposit/trial/vetting/purchase or whatever they want for the next step to be! 

We have been taking it pretty easy with him as we had pushed him pretty far and hard in such a short time and the different riders almost daily I think is a lot mentally for any horse to handle. We have been doing loads of trails and then some w/t/c pole work in the arena, trying to get his rear end stronger and more built up. 

The days are shorter so he is not in a very strict program, maybe out no more than twice per week, but he is always game ready and never ever changes from the good old Arkie that he is. As I tell everyone, if only I had unlimited funds I would buy him for myself, he's a total hunk, super sweet and just a blast to ride!! 



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