I  can only be beyond thankful that Sandy didn't hit us harder. We did not even experience a power loss at the barn, so that was just amazing. Due to the storm we had sent Arkie and Mona to their owners field with a giant run-in so they could remain comfortably outside and with familiar friends, on high ground with shelter. 

The weather has not been too great, either windy or spitting rain...far from what I would like to ride in! So it wasn't until Friday night that Arkie and Mona came back to the farm. Arkie started right off with clients coming in to look at him yesterday, the wind was WHIPPING and he had not been ridden in exactly a week, but things went calmly and smoothly. There has not been any sort of final decision, yet but I will keep you posted there.

If anything falls through with THIS deal, Monday we have a client coming out to look at both him and Leo, followed by a woman nearby that wants to come see Ark, a woman in MD that is interested, and I have been getting vague emails from someone else that wants to come next weekend (although with all of the interest being put into this week, I am not sure he will make it to next weekend). Anyway, he's a hot commodity in my barn for the time being and I can so totally understand why!

I am not sure I will actually be able to work with him as I ride him around, it seems like I will only be showing him to clients for the next week


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