Well it's been a whirlwind of a weekend/week and I am just getting around to updating this blog for Arkie now. I feel like it's probably only Monday as this week is flying by with the minor exception I have a ton more things to get done today....

First off, Fair Hill was awesome awesome awesome. It was a long, windy trip down but our trailer with Arkie and Leo traveled well and everyone made a safe trip. I was almost half surprised to see Arkie was totally sane off the trailer, realizing it was his first trip off the farm since being on the track. As a duh moment for both me and Tesla, we unloaded without bridles or tack on him, and he was an absolute ANGEL while paranoid me was like "crap crap crap this was dumb" putting it on him....I had a bad experience once time with a baby off the track. He appearantly had been trailered to every race and lost his bananas at this small schooling show. Obviously did not do enough mental damage for me to be quick to put he bridle on in the trailer, however I am always very paranoid after the fact, haha.

Anyway, it was Tesla's first ride on him ever and he was super, not to mention an absolute favorite. There is some super video if I remember, I will post it below.....Anyway, all and all he posed himself as the big brave boy that has been doing this show his whole life, loaded and unloaded off the trailer in the dark, super easy and super calm. Tesla even said she was going to cry if we came home without him (that is simply how lovable and cool this boy is, it takes all of 10 minutes to fall in love!!!)

Then came Sandy......Arkie's owner is away so she had them on rough board with me. She decided to bring them home to her field on the hill with a shed for the week so he can be in familliar and high up surroundings with all of the rain coming our way. He is fine, alive and well depsite the weather and will be coming back to my farm within the next couple of days. ......not this afternoon however, because: Leo our other sale horse in the barn has clients coming so that will take up a majority of my daylight....not tomorrow because I will be making a trip to Boston to go check out the track rejects and a friends horse, another OTTB that has had some training....and then Saturday hopefully he will be in my backyard again, but we will hopefully soon have brand new additions to both Thunder Crest and The Thorughbred Chronicles. I am looking to get one fresh off the track so that one will be a bit boring for awhile, but guaranteed he or she will be a lovely animal...

Oh and by the way....here is Arkie's ad on SPORT HORSE NATION

and here is the vi


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