Today Arkie was my last mount of the day....I got on out side the barn and walked to the arena, and he was perfectly content and quiet. He was much more confident in the arena, even without the lunging and gave me some really fantastic trot work. I am tempted to put a small spur on as his barrel is SO big that I can't do much to help him out due to my size, but we still can work it out and put in a good ride.

We (together) got to experience riding in an arena with another horse and he was awesome. We also did some trot poles, which he could not really figure out at first (he kept stepping on them....) until he kept eyeing them and I almost did not let him go back to it, but finally I let him drift that way and he did it perfectly every time. He then was eyeing every jump as we went by, he seemed very eager to take those poles more seriously!!! I also had a jump school on two of my other horses so I think he was taking notes on that part. 

All in all he was consistently soft and willing and much better than the day before. I am wondering why his owner did not bring him to me sooner, as he would be greatly benefited by some extra muscling behind and less of a giant hay belly. However, if I had this horse in my barn for longer than he is intended to right now, he would never ever leave.  I am all smiles from start to finish he is so much fun (even though he's out of shape!)  and he is safe enough that after he got some muscling and could carry and balance himself better, I would not hesitate to teach on him (he respects the word "whoa" so well and is SO balanced through his downwards transitions!)  Anyway, I really can't afford to keep adding to my collection of horses and it's the owners wishes to send him to Fair Hill so he's going! 

The person that snatches this horse will be one lucky person!

And actually! Tomorrow I may have another rider coming so I can sneak some videos of him actually going with a rider, so anyone that finds this page via RRTP can have a sneak peek at our boy! 



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