Who swapped a WB for my TB? 

Toasty is a big oaf and he really surprises me every day. He dealt with his first turnout surprisingly well, he has a video on my own facebook page (feel free to go check it out) - that was the extent of his running though, he's awfully boring. He remains the steady eddy that I can turn out by himself and leave him to go get Bam with no screaming or running and also take Bam away in the same manner. We pulled his shoes, while he was standing in the field getting chewed on by Bam with three dogs running around and playing and one even darting underneath him a time or two. Not sure why or how he got so quiet but I am not complaining!!!! 

He clips and I'm sure would tie although I have only used one cross tie in the aisle. I can groom him in his stall loose, basically do whatever I want to him and he never has anything to complain about. 

He got to experience snow for what I think is the first time in his life, he really almost went into a panic and wound up taking a little spill in the aisle from slippage....he is fine and all will be OK, however I am not sure he will make that mistake of being not so careful in the snow again! 

The biggest "problem" I have with Toasty is feeding - I was not really told what he was eating at the track, but I knew it was probably more than he needed going into let down. Feeding is always a top priority for me so I was curious where to start, he was massive, he's tall, he was muscled and already fat......He came with a bag of denghi which he gets some of in each feeding but apart from that he is on daily pasture, nightly hay and a half quart of hay stretcher and a half quart of my 12/12 pellet....I figure I would see where we would go from there, give him more hay if he wanted, and add grain if he started losing weight. The more I look at photos from CANTER and look at him daily, it is almost as if he is gaining....who would have thought?! An easy keeping Thoroughbred? Who would have thought? 

Anyway, if anyone has thoughts on feeding please feel free to voice them. I sort of played it by ear. I know I would rather have a more fibrous diet anyway, less concentrates but enough that they get sustenance. Anyway, I am open to thoughts on that, so let me know! 



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    DOB: 2/8/06
    Height: 16.3
    Dam: Truth or Dehere
    Sire: Eltish
    Career Starts: 23
    Career Earnings: $38,766


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