Finally Toasty isn't sweating DMSO anymore....he wasn't ever literally sweating DMSO but it sure smelled like it!!  Being a FL bred through and through, I was a little concerned about Toasty and the winter, but he survived easy as ever. He's got a great thick winter coat and giant hay belly that makes a broodmare look petite....It's a major change from when he first stepped off of the trailer, though - the solid horse that felt like a rock to pat because he was all muscle now has next to none - His topline has dropped and his crest is gone, all of the track muscle has literally melted away. 

I have had a lot of people ask me WHY he is just sitting in a field not doing much of anything and here is my theory and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments - I think there is a big difference between track muscle and what we look for in a sport horse, and I think that some track horses when they have raced as extensively as Toasty has obviously, have more of that muscle built up. I think they also have "junk" built up in their systems from whatever they do at the track (the sweat of a sport horse is a much cleaner smell than that of a fresh OTTB!) I think in the long run to have no previous muscle getting in the way makes the transition into the second career a little easier. I am also pretty small, especially in comparison to Toast - should track Toasty wanted to run off with me, I wouldn't have stood a chance, but a fat pasture pet Toasty is comparable to a 30 year old QH in stamina, I have a bit more of a shot at controlling that big rig! 

Anyway, we are starting back super slow, doing about 5-10 minutes of walk and trot on a lunge line daily to build up some more muscle, slowly increasing the time and then adding tack, then adding side reins until he gets a litte fitter - he's a HUGE horse on pretty used legs, so we will be doing our best to keep everything nice, fit and strong! 

I will be posting photos eventually, but have not had the time to snag a good one yet, stay tuned!


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