Well, it all started the other day, I was talking to my friend who is a trainer up at Suffolk. She invited me to come down and take a look and see if I could find any new sale horses as my last private sale horse had been sold. I absolutely agreed and went on the long trek down. I had done some perusing of the canter listings, not overly impressed with anything as my next sale horse. 

I always have my criteria as I am just starting out in the sale business and there are just some things that make life easier. For starters, unless the plain colors are close to jet black or a really rich bay, you are going to have a hard time selling. If there are socks, and the big giant ones, you're going to have it easy. If the face is cute, or somewhat blinged out, also an easy sell. There are other factors too, height, kind eye, and general overall build that go into it too, and obvious considerations on my end, I don't need a lame horse stepping out of my barn into someone else's....but we need to be real and admit we have all been blinded by chrome, size and overall personality and carriage. 

Initially I had gone to just look at Bam (the other horse on here) and was set and ready to go. I had gone to sign the bill of sale so it would be easy moving the next day when I came with my trailer. As we were walking into the office, a woman was walking out, she had realized the paper in my hand (a bill of sale) and started right in. She was like a car salesman about him, but to humor her, I had the other trainer drop me at her place and have a look. She pulled him out and I was amazed, sound, fluid, and totally level headed both jogging inside and out. She stopped him in front of my and I remembered back to the ad on CANTER - 16h? there is no way, he is pushing 17h...massive, gorgeous, he looked like he stepped right off the trailer at Devon for the big hunters. I was sold, but could not afford to purchase him, originally priced at $3999.

I made some phone calls to others that I knew were up there looking to buy a hunter. Money didn't seem to phase them, so I frantically tried to get them. This was their horse! Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for them, they didn't show and I found out later, they left. The more time I spent with this guy the more I liked him...but I could not spend that kind of money on a horse!! She took my number in case she decided to come down on the price and we left it at that.

On my way down with the trailer to get Bam, however, I got a phone call from his trainer. She made an offer...my grandmother who owned my last sale horse was in the car with me and offered to purchase him for the same deal we had done before....I quickly agreed and upon arriving at the track called Cindy to get a bill of sale on TOASTY :)

There are many little details that led me to meeting this woman, had I decided to wait on the bill of sale, or look at just one more horse before Bam, I would have missed this opportunity. He was a lovely horse as described, but I was not in the market for a $4000 horse, I would not have even given it a second thought....

Anyway, we will see where he takes me and what kind of adventures we have. Today we are headed for our first turnout.......yay!



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