Toasty is having the time of his life getting ponied on hacks all around the farm with uncle Oz....Last Sunday we walk trot and cantered around the polo field, easy as pie. I think it will be a good tool to keep him relaxed and refreshed yet not bored. 

I was impressed that he could go out with a group of horses and be ponied along and never get hot or quick, he constantly remained quiet and relaxed never hitting the end of the lead forward or back. He popped into the canter on his own (it was easier to do that than keep up with Oz's power extendo trot) but it was relaxed and easy. 

Obviously he's boring, well behaved and not doing to much on top of that so this is pretty short, but I promise I will fill you in further the more we get to!


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    Height: 16.3
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    Career Earnings: $38,766


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