To be absolutely honest, there are a few things I will say about this horse: number one she is fricken HUGE. I am slightly intimidated, however she's awfully narrow so shes easier to ride than I had anticipated. Number two, I wish she was younger because I would probably never let this one go, ever.

What struck me first about this horse (now mind you, I had met her once, never handled her and now am walking up to her and her buddy in the pasture) is how MASSIVE she was. Second thing I noticed as I grabbed her friend and started to leave the pasture, is her giant rangy walk. Even with a blanket covering her, I was amazed by how through in her shoulder she was, with almost made me switch the halter and grab her first....haha

Anyway, she is a special case as she is older and has not had much done with her (at least recently). She never raced but has been fussed with. As I said, I don't know her that well and she is built to be athletic, I don't know how well her body knows how to use itself (ie. if I dont want you up there any more I know what to do to get you off? I ride alone 9 times out of 10 so thoughts like these are frequent.. haha) continuing on, I stuck her on a lunge too just to see what I was in for. She has beautiful large movement that just easily sweeps the ground.  She too would not canter on the lunge, so alas it was time for me to hop on.

I started immediately with her with just getting her to move her feet just from side to side. I did not want to plug my leg on and be all "lets go!" if it was not something she was used to and it had clearly been a long time anyway. We spent some time just standing, then moving left just a little, then right just a little, and back and forth. Once she started to relax I then decided to try and walk forward and we did so. She was a little tentative as my jumps are freshly painted and very bright, so we kept to small circles between 10-15 meters that spiraled up and down the arena, keeping her focus on me but still touring what she was unsure of. 

Her trot was actually really super. Nice, straight and forward an easy ride. Her downwards transitions are to die for, smooth as silk and right on the money. Our goals for ms. Mona will be to get more relaxed and through (which now that we are over ride #1 should be a lot easier) and soften her topline. I am going to play with bits for her. I started her in a KK loose ring, but I am not sure she liked it so I am thinking more along the lines of a nice fat snaffle for next time. Also just accepting the leg a little more than she does now and moving forward, through and relaxed will be our goals. 

And in case you didn't already know, riding a 17h monster of a mare is a lot different than riding a 15.1 h stout fat cat....what a difference :)