Mona has been really super as of late. I have been focusing a little more on her over Arkie as Ark tends to just be how he is, simple and easy and quick to pick up on anything new. 

Mona on the other hand definitely needed some work but we are FINALLY getting somewhere. She is starting to come round and soften her mouth and poll quite a bit, we are getting some flexion and suppleness and is turning into a very fun ride. We were going to try and get some video today but I was just not feeling the weather after being outside all day bu the time her ride came around.

Anyway, she's doing well working through trot and canter poles confidently. I may start her over some small jumps just to see what happens with that, I am unsure whether she has been formally jumped in her lifetime but it won't hurt to start her slow and see what she likes and doesn't.

She has a great attitude about life, even though to me she can be a bit of a mare, she's not one bit mean or malicious, just slightly lazy as most thoroughbreds tend to be (I am not being sarcastic). Once you can get in her head a little bit however she works and does whatever you want when you want. I think if this were the spring we would be headed into a very fun summer and lots of dressage training on this one, but for now we will take what riding w



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