Bam has definitely done more than just one ride at the current time, but I have been a serious slacker in letting you guys know about it, SORRY!!!!

This winter has been full of trail riding, trailering to indoors, free jumping and the works....He is really getting out there and getting some miles on him which is making him a really super mount and adding lots of fun things to his resume. 

He is quiet on the trails alone and in company, he is all too happy to just walk on a loose rein and enjoy the weather....we have had brilliant fun doing gallop sets in the snow, doing our best to rebuild that hind end muscle that he lost in his short time off the track...We started getting a little more consistent in our jumping, too.... 

We already showed Bam to a client who was looking for an upper level event horse, but unfortunately he just wasn't the type the client was looking for. Bam proved to be a nice steady mount, quickly learning how to jump the rolltops in the new and different indoor, and eventually doing lines from a BN rolltop to a BN rolltop with a pole to make it about a 3'3" oxer - yay Bam Bam!!! 

Most recently we have been schooling some dressage and starting to build some gymnastics to really get his style and form top notch so he can soon find his forever home with a pro or up and coming rider.....

Enjoy the slideshow! 



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