Bam has really changed since he first stepped off the trailer from the track. He is much more confident with himself, the herd of horses and with work. 

He has been doing some light lunging over ground poles and ponying on trails some, and I think it's helped him figure out his "job" and to start relaxing and just be a horse!

I may end up starting him under tack sooner over later, as I think he is just mentally ready for it. If you look at his track record, he wasn't even raced until he was four and now only 5 had six starts and no races since August. What happened prior to his first race, whether he was just left in a field or fussed with, we will never know, but I do think that despite the hard times he has seen, he was quick to get over them and fast to put trust in people at my farm and fit right in!

I will keep everyone updated and hopefully get a video rolling as he'll


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