Meet Bam



Honestly, Bam looks rough about now....
This picture struck me because there was not much I didn't like, the proportions are good, hes a great bay the angles were not so bad, on meeting him, he was barefoot and super sane and a complete love bug in his stall. Not an overly outstanding mover but the cold chill of the wind, coupled with being an amped up race horse that has clearly had it rough for awhile (hard training, or hard to no training?) he was body sore and tight. 

Half of my decision on him was feeling bad, the other was because I like a "challenge" this horse has a broken spirit I think and I really want to do what I can to help him out. He's got the potential to be super sweet, but needs to learn that people can be trusted and are not out to get him. 

He's homely, a bit of an attitude (as in "I'm not going to do what you want only because you want me to do it ") but I'm going to do right by him and hopefully he will all turn around. His goofy attitude in the stall makes him fit right in at my barn. He's a complete ham....who is stalled across from Stevie. When Bam finally made it into his stall they were both on tip toes trying to kiss each other across the way, it was super weird I'm not going to lie. I see a future dumb and dumber on my hands, but I think good friends, turnout and some TLC will really turn this horse around into something nice.....

First turnout adventure story coming sooon :)



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