Stevie is turning into SO much fun....

We drilled flatwork, which is where I left you all....and when I say drilled I mean just established a half halt and some go commands that are just a little bit cleaner. That literally was for a matter of 10 days or so and then I got all sick with lyme and he had some time off. In the past couple of weeks he has only been out a handful of times but the time off is actually doing him some good. He is remaining relaxed and attentive and giving me some really good work and I have a blast riding him. He is willingly and easily moving laterally in the walk trot and canter and as I mentioned we have a half halt! He is also learning to stretch into contact instead of just dropping his head down, and also pick up into contact. 

I had been planning on working with canter poles in one strides and bounces and do still plan to do that but I might let him jump around a little course sooner rather than later to peek his interest again and get him back in the ball game, but we will see, we might just go for poles. 

In other news, we went on our first bareback trail ride, he was awesome.....I was not really expecting a quiet and relaxed horse but alas it's what I got, uber super! 

Maybe I can get some more photos and videos shortly....I forget if I shared with you all our dressage video, but it wont hurt to post again if so....



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