It's hard to believe that Steve has only been with me 5 months....he is such a fixture and we know each other so darn well it seems like he's been with me forever.....

Anyway, I have always tried to do this with other horses and never stuck to it but now that this is my job to train and ride, I figure I better stick to it and make a monthly habit of my OTTBs getting their confo shots done to mark the changes they go through and to have a good progress report of where they have come from and where they are going....
Luckily for me, I live downstairs from his owner/breeder, so I have tons of cute baby pics including this weanling photo. It's funny for me to see him there, because I really feel like that downhill shape has really not changed much, he just got bigger and the proportions stayed the same.

What strikes me is his topline shape in the track photo, his back is pretty flat, and he's obviously ripped, haha. So there is hope that one day he won't look like such an overgrown weanling. Not that there is anything bad to that, my last jumper Oz, we were able to get away with calling him the "baby" for probably 5 years, although he was into his teens, he had that overgrown foal look to him, long legs, no body and a total baby look about him, and it wasn't until he was almost 20 that it went away.

Obviously the one major difference is where the weight is carried and the muscle development, he's gaining this giant "hay belly" of sorts and carrying much of his weight there instead of elsewhere, which is fine for now. In the track photo all that is there is this giant bulk of a shoulder muscle, which turned to flab (july) and then slowly is starting to get defined into more sleek and effective muscle for what we want to do. His butt is starting to round out instead of being so angular which is great, but I never had any doubts about that part of this horse :)

My favorite part, and its hard to tell where his head is facing me but the transition of his neck from a straight board that has no definition up or down, to borderline ewe neck (oct) to now starting to build up some crest muscles (dec). I'm a huge fan of that stallion looking neck, so the change is awesome to see. Obviously he was way more bulked up in Oct over Dec but that is due to the "let down" that he is kindof going through at the moment. The fact that there are still some changes going on even though he is in his "let down" is great and I am looking forward to see what this spring and summer will bring!


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