Spring is finally almost upon us and Stevie is now back in action!! 
It's been a pretty boring winter, Stevie is really starting to come into his own and is gaining a huge personality that is just too funny to witness. He was starting to get very sassy in the field so it was definitely time to kick it into high gear and get focused on work before he went a little too crazy.

I was pleased to see that he was able to hold his weight over the winter, always a huge concern of mine for any horse but especially my TB's so that was a very big plus. Our first ride back was pretty eventful, he is not hesitating to let his personality shine through in any aspect of his life!! Especially for first rides back, I tend to not go into anything with a "plan" more like, see what happens, see what the horse wants to do, work with it and THEN get a game plan. Steve's idea of what he wanted to do went like this: walk half of the arena, burst into a trot for half of the arena (me: half halt, half halt, half halt....i DID install a half halt, right? half halt half halt...ignored) canter/gallop (me: half halt does not imply faster, Steve....... Steve: que? no comprende?) Class act TB right there.....but this is why Stevie is my keeper, love 'em hot!! 

Day two was much better and we progressed quite a bit almost back to where we had left off. He still has no care of flatwork, has a hair of an opinion about anything other than straight and forward, but overall I was pretty pleased that most of what we had worked on was retained. 

Our last ride we did some jumping (just a crossrail with placement poles) and that was a bit back to the basics. I remember our big moment last fall was cantering a single fence with no change in tempo...once. I think that was the last time I had jumped him, it was such a good note to end on, but it was not retained unfortunately. The bright side, jumping is still fun, exciting, and not boring or scary....downside is still my lack of half halt, there could be worse problems!!! 

Here are some photos to enjoy from day 2!