Sorry for not updating so frequently as I have been, life has been a little busy. If you happen to follow any of my other blogs, you may or may not know that I am moving to my own personal facility, so with getting that cleaned up and ready for move in, on top of work and riding all of my other critters, blogging has not been a priority.

Anyway, Stevie is steadily progressing and is learning how to stretch and relax and move forward off of the leg. One thing that really comes to mind with Stevie is that each and every horse is an individual, and no two horses will ever follow the same training path. I do a lot of comparing Stevie to my older horse, but at the same time, they are two different animals. Stevie is a fresh slate, probably has never had a bad hand on him and is fairly young, meanwhile my older gelding had a whole history and life before meeting me and a whole slew of issues that I had to work around before progressing. Both horses because of their shorter backs and I think lack of confidence hate to stretch down and would rather be inverted (maybe also some inherent laziness), but although they are "lazy" both are sensitive and tend to be more forward horses. Ozzy was mentally blown when I purchased him, Stevie luckily is not but I know to be careful because as bold as both horses come across, it's hiding some sort of insecurity and Stevie could in the wrong hands end up a basket case like Oz was 10 years ago. 

Pogo was very straightforward, and in some respects Stevie is too...Pogo you could push a little, Stevie is probably best taking a slower path until he is too confident, so Stevie is straightforward in that every days routine is generally the same, kick forward and encourage a relaxed stretch. Pogo you could just throw any question at take it in stride, Stevie will tell you he is not ready. 

Anyway, enough of my mental analysis of these things (it could go on forever). But really that's all there is to say. Steve is getting more and more balanced and relaxed and is getting more and more confident in his abilities. I am thinking about maybe starting to jump him soon-ish, when I can get extra hands and a video camera going, just to swit


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