The more and more I play with Steve, the more I really like what I see. It helps that in many ways he is almost a double of my old soul-mate, Oz - nearly the same in conformation, same color bay, but Steve has a smaller head and some white, whereas Oz is the plain brown package..

We have still been lunging but introducing poles to the mix as well. This is not the type of horse you can drill, he easily gets bored and will go off into wonderland in his head and totally blow off everything and maintain that same paced trot no matter what you ask of him. This is partially why I would really love to get him undersaddle and give him something else to think about, but patience is always key!

Today we did more transition work and added more canter than before. Normally, I don't like to encourage the explosion into canter, but I feel like Stevie needs that confidence (ie. that display of extra power) to know he  can do it...Odd sounding, I know, but the first steps of canter are generally frantic and he tries to find his feet and then falls into a very lovely rhythm and pace until he spaces out and goes back to that darling trot again....

In revving this guy up to get the energy to canter, he gave a lot of good trot work today. The poles are helping him to realize he can stretch all of his legs, and getting to know me and my expectations better, is helping him to relax and think about stretching down.

He's a real different horse from Pogo, (I have to compare, after all this is the point of this blog, TB's are easy but at the same time all are different!) Pogo had a undying rhythm, but a very down hill balance. This guy is not always as well cadenced but there is another level of athleticism that Pogo probably couldn't dream about (although he was lovely, he always surprised us that he was indeed capable of jumping 3'6" and flying changes, and so forth, haha). The other main difference is the amount of focus. Pogo was definitely a bit nonchalant..he was focused on the task, but didn't necessarily care (we had to start doing courses at 2'6" because he would punch out 2' like it was his job). Stevie on the other hand isn't always focused until something is worthy of his time (for now those ground poles, and cantering but it started off as just trotting in a circle) in which case 110% of his brain is devoted to doing the job and doing it right. Anyway, its fun to compare and I am ready and rearin 


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