....That if Stevie ever makes an equitation horse, that kid/person/whoever is going to have rock hard abs of steel...Today was Steve's debut trotting undersaddle and as I suspected (due to his build and similarity to my older horse that was nicknamed "the jackhammer") he's got a bounce in him! Potentially one day it will have a floating roll of suspension, but for now, there isn't, but that's okay! Luckily for me, I was that kid/person/whoever for ten years, so it's a ride that I am used to. 

I am always impressed when I take this one out to work with. He is always level headed, although on occasion distracted, but never completely unfocused, and so quick to learn. On our first ride, he gave me an awesome relaxed walk, stretching down (making faces and playing with the bit...but still with his nose dragging on the ground, haha). 

Today it started much the same and I started to take a feel and he accepted it, not coming onto the bit but not pulling or tossing, etc. This is a horse that knows what he wants and today he wanted to trot, so when I/he was comfortable I set him up to trot and around he went. Our steering progressively got better, as did our falling in to the right (the right after two times around became our good direction). Our rhythm was fairly steady, a welcomed surprise on my end. Even with the occasional dog bark and UPS man dropping off some packages, he didn't bat an eye (he looked, he always looks around if there isn't a pole in front of him on the ground) but went around like it was old hat. 

I will try and get some photos and videos up in the near future. He's a doll!


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