Stevie is settling in well to his new home, he has made a new friend and is enjoying his new daily routine. The bugs have been terrible, but I think that would be his only complaint. 

Our first ride in the new arena, was great. I love his ability to take in new situations and just deal. He looked around, took it all in and proceeded on as usual. We have been working a bit on body placement as it is always his inclination to throw his shoulders in around the turns. Straight and forward are getting there, the trot being much more wiggly than the canter, but there are still really great moments in every ride. 

My favorite part is that his topline is getting quicker and quicker to relax so he stretches more and more each ride. He on occasion, will soften into a frame which he carries nicely until he tires or gets bored. 

Next on the agenda is to finally try out some jumping and then hit the trails (one day when the bugs aren't bad of course!) and progressively start some hill work



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