Firstly, I am very excited to add another horse onto this page. It's always exciting for me to have a new project. I tend to get a little bored with the same old rides (and right now nothing is all that green or exciting) so I am pumped to have both. 

Now, to fill you in on Steve until there are some photos of him, he is a bay gelding, now 6 years old. He's about 16h, a bit narrow chested but built how I tend to pick them - nice shoulder (for me) with a great angle, long wither, short back, long forearm, short cannon and a touch long in the pastern (tesla, please stop laughing). He is owned by Sue Fisher (my most wonderful landlady?/friend Ali Fishers MOM :) ).  Anyway, as a side note, he was one of my top picks for the original Thoroughbred Chronicles project, but due to him already being in my backyard at home and not at FingerLakes it never panned out...Anyway, I'm excited to start him up and find him a great home (or pull a Tesla and find my other horse a great new home, we shall see!!!) 

Today marked a most uneventful first day of working with Mr. Stevie...Basically tacked and lunged for a few minutes. He was typical OTTB, with that look and way of going, for certain a lot more brain activity than a little gray horse I once had the pleasure of working with. He was quick to remember lunging (in both directions) and did a little walk/trot in both directions. Like I said, boring, but this one will be fun, I think. He's a lot more my style, a bit of a punk but 


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