With my decision that Ryker may not be the right horse also comes the territory of trying to market him. Unfortunately, not many people are in the market for a 9 y.o. prospect... And even less are looking for one at 15.2 hands. Which, despite my efforts, and hard thinking on the subject may in fact mean that I'm "stuck" with him. I won't complain too much, I do very much enjoy working with him, and he is certainly talented... This situation just may just be a blessing in disguise; it certainly may be the best opportunity for me to learn how to handle and train (hopefully!) a very strong horse. I mean, aside from this issue, he is just about perfect! (ok, maybe there is a little bit of personal pride shining through...) That said, until the right situation for him pops up, if it pops up, I will just keep plugging along with him. There is still so much I can learn, and who knows, maybe I'll learn just the keys I'll need to be successful down the road!


11/19/2013 10:29am

Have you reached out to Stuart Pittman? His clientele tends to be more advanced and maybe he could help you place him? Great blog and you're doing great work!


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