Ryker is loving spring!  He's been out on his first trail ride - it was not super exciting, he had so take some time to think about a "nasty pile of rocks, drainage ditch" - but he went over  no problem with a little prodding.  He also was convinced he was going to the track and jigged a bunch, he wasn't going anywhere, just excited, and was totally fine with not being in the lead.   Once he realized we were back at the barn his expression changed from amped and nervous to slightly confused and relaxed, I foresee many successful trail rides to come :)

On another note, he is officially listed for sale! So exciting and so sad, I love him to pieces and want to bring him home with me to VT, but he is awaiting his lucky person! http://www.equine.com/horses-for-sale/horse-ad-2000747.html

Also, here is our most recent video --- In the rain! (that's how us Eventers do! He was so good out in the rain, he seemed to almost enjoy it!)

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