As some of you have heard, Pogo had an exciting freejumping day this past weekend. Clearly, he is still figuring out his feet, but nothing a few gymnastics and more time jumping can't compensate for. This horses work ethic is incredible, and his will to be a "good boy" is unbelievable. 

The first jump effort is 3'6" or 3'9", the last two are 4' (according to the measurements on the standards). He jumped the 4' height over and over again on his own, with me standing in the middle dumbfounded about 7 or 8 times, knocking it the last time I think because he was just a little tired. I put it back down to 2'6" to end after that, afraid his confidence might be a tad broken.....only I was wrong and I wish I was taping because instead of being afraid of it, he cantered right up to it and cleared the standards (take that 4' vertical, I'll show you!!)  He is such a comic!!


04/10/2012 09:29

I think you posted the wrong youtube's some weird thing that isn't's a time lapse drawing something or other.


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