Yesterday we had the Equine Advisory Council meeting for AU, where both Tesla and I presented on the Thoroughbred Chronicles, how we got started and about our progress. I did not really know who was going to be present or not, and I didn't recognize too many faces even in the beginning of the meeting, however there was one familiar face I did see....Jack Frohm, who is surprisingly on the board for our Equestrian Center and from what I gather, an Alfred Alum.

As we started presenting, he started picking my brain about more than what we were divulging to the rest of the which I responded "well, do you want him?" and he answered "let's see him"

Alas, the beginning of the first person to look at Mr.'s a start!! It went well and Pogo was very well behaved. He jumped the biggest single fence he has done yet, just a 2'6" both ascending and square oxer, cantering up to it like a champ and jumping it without thinking twice, forward and straight and a great gentleman on landing...

The whole thing ended with a thank you from both and then he scurried off to other business. I didn't actually get any feedback, good or bad, and have yet to hear anything either least he got his first "look" out of the way. 

Only 44 days left until I graduate so time is slowly creeping up on us for getting him sold...anyone interested should inquire :) 

I will add, he is starting to shed out, and his coat is getting DARK...he's going to be pretty fance


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