Ryker has been fantastic, as usual.  His personality is really starting to come out full force. He is such a goofy and naughty (in a fun, sassy way) redhead!  He has gained a ton of weight, is body clipped, and has very happy and healthy feet.  He has gotten so much stronger, and is dressage work has grown LEAPS AND BOUNDS! He has gained so much more suspension in his trot, and much more cadence, balance, and freeness in the canter.  

Jumping wise he gets more and more educated about his feet every ride - he is as bold as ever, and continues to jump out of his skin on a regular basis. We did some free jumping the other day, just for fun and to gauge his progress he is just awesome, and so sassy! We decided not to push him in height, but to let him boost his own confidence.  It worked a little better than planned - he was quite full of himself during my jump school the following day :) 

(Because Kait is a lame-o and had to graduate I don't have anyone to video his progress under saddle -- Hopefully I can get some while I'm home for the holidays!)

On our way home we've made a pit stop at Thunder Crest in Amenia, NY to hang out with Kait and avoid driving through a storm (hopefully we can get some video)! 


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