Ryker rocked the Hitching Post Schooling Event at Novice Level.  We finished out the of the ribbons, but at this point I really don't care! He was amazing, tense but trying oh so very hard in the dressage, to earn a 37.0.  He was amazing XC, making a small pause before going into the water (not a stop, just had to take a peek).  We decided to run Novice so that at Stuart the jumps would be the least of our worries (as Stuart will be a maxed Beginner Novice course), Hitching Post tends to be a small course for the level, as it is a schooling trials, BUT we were pleasantly surprised to see that Novice shared most of the Training fences! He ate them up, couldn't be prouder of him!! He also rocked the stadium course, conquering the same 24' one stride that gave us trouble the weekend before at GMHA.  He is such a fast learner, and is really figuring out the game! 


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